Our fleet

Public passenger air transport on demand:
With the Boeing 737-300 we offer seats for tourism professionals such as travel agencies or tour operators, communication agencies that create events, major international groups, sports clubs, etc …
– Capacity – 126 PAX / 5 tons freighter cargo
– Flights – Domestic / Regional



Special flights on request Jet Club (VIP):
By flying VIP flights with the Boeing 737-500, we will be able to provide VIP services to governments and business people in the sub-region.
– Capacity – 44 PAX
– Flights – Governmental and regional / African special flights.




Cargo Flights, Freight, Freight and Post Office Transport:
With the ATR42 we can distribute small quantities of freight locally inside BENIN or in neighboring countries such as Togo, Niger, Burkina-Faso and further afield. The ATR42 has the advantage of landing on very short landing strips.
– Capacity 7 tons
– Flights – Regional & Domestic



Medical flights on request:
Finally, with our partner Aquiline International, we can seize the opportunity to operate medical flights on demand (medical evacuation) by operating an aircraft such as GRUMAN G3.